Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pop the Cherry

Alright, so the title made this evening sound a lot more heart-racing than it actually was . . .

Let's start off with an impressive note: this wine was aesthetically beautiful.  On this cool summers' eve, after a filling dinner at the always-delicious Pad Thai, we sat down to sample Domaine de la Petite Cassagne's Costières de Nîmes (a rosé from the Rhone region of France.)  The color of this rosé was absolutely fantastic - a bold, brazen red with extraordinary clarity and beautiful opalescence.  But, as beautiful woman, wine's red lips deceive. (We thought you'd appreciate a little cheese with your wine.)

To preface, let us first say that it has become our mission to educate wine-loving friends on the pleasures of the rosé.  Ever since our entry on El Coto Riojo Rosado, (read here) we have been on a mission to show people that blush wines can be complex, pleasant, and intriguing.  Domaine de la Petite certainly did not help us make our case.

On the nose, the vino was cherry-packed and slightly effervescent, reminiscent of kiddie cocktails and cherry bombs.  On the front palate, we noticed the fruity and robust cherry tones, and took them with a dose of acidity.  On the back of our tongues, we noted the slight musk and complimentary darker notes.  The wine was pleasant enough to drink (we wouldn't still be sipping on it if it wasn't).  While we both had some strong opinions on the wine, it was much different than we were expecting. 

Foster the People, an indie pop-rock group, provided our entertainment for this evening (pop music + cherry-bomb wine = blog title . . . get it?).  The first track, Helena Beat, had us in a positive mindset.  The music was upbeat and original, the falsetto vocals were unique, and the pop-driven beats were reminiscent of the 80's in the way that only indie music can reference a decade.  However, by the third track, the method was tried and tired.  Sure, there were some cool, fast, and complex keyboards on "I Would Do Anything For You."  And yes, the beats in "Houdini" had us wanting to go out dancing.  But that doesn't mean the album did anything for our minds or musical itches.  All in all, we were left wanting more . . . again.

Nick's Reviews


Purchasing this CD, I didn't know that it was one of the break-out albums of the summer.  The cover art reminded me of a good friend, and the name reminded me that show on Cartoon Network five or six years ago.

The album itself reminded me of being five or six years old.  Most of you have probably heard the song "Pumped Up Kicks" by now, it's catchy beat, simple vocals and cool electronics make it an easy track to add to the play list.  The music seems very kid-friendly until you take a minute to listen to the lyrics.  Dark, mysterious and very to the point, "Pumped Up Kicks" appears to be about a kid finding a gun and the wrath that is entailed afterward.

Enough about that, the album is fun and is a nice blend of electric and hip hop instrumentals with fun arena vocals that are easy to sing along too (or whistle to)!

My favorite track is probably "Call It What You Want" which features the male vocals.  If anyone has seen the movie "Music and Lyrics" it reminds me of the song from the beginning.

Perfect spin to have in the car with the windows down during the "indian summer" that I'm hoping we have this fall!



Domaine de la Petite Cassagne is a great summer wine for those wishing to experiment with new varietals and not your everyday grocery wine.  This Rhone rose which retails most places around $10 is a HUGE cherry bomb!

Not just a note of cherry - this wine was as if someone blended up some twizzlers (the pull and peal variety) and poured it into a glass.   That being said, I love Twizzlers, but I hate the flavor of the pull-and-peals type.

Despite tasting of merachino cherry juice I still enjoyed the wine.  It was light, straightforward and different.  Which as anyone reading our blog can probably tell, we love things different, new and fun.

I really was craving some dark chocolate and I think it would have been a great pair with this wine.

Branch out today and pick up some Rhone Rose, in particular something form La Cassagne if you have a hankering for cherry!

86 pts

Maggie's Reviews


"Pumped up Kicks" was my favorite track on this album, but only because its melody was particularly catchy.   To be honest, I am left uninspired and completely underwhelmed by this album.

Firstly, this album showcased absolutely no diversity.  It wasn't that the music was bad - actually, the funky synthesizer-pop was relatively fresh and catchy.  The keyboard and synthesizer techniques were actually pretty impressive.  The vocals were a little too "Owl City" for me, but they stood up well and held their own against the harmonies and funky background music.

The problem was that every single song sounded the same.

From "Helena Beat" to "Warrant,"  every single song showcased the group's strong suits: interesting percussion, decent songwriting, and thoughtful lyrics.  Unfortunately, every song also showcased the group's weak points: monotone melodies, repetitive motifs, and diversity-free songwriting.



I tried.  Really, I did.  I have tried so hard to convince my friends that rosé isn't just a wine to ween ourselves off of cosmos and onto the vine.  Unfortunately, Domaine de la Petite Cassagne didn't give me much to work with . . .

Like Nick said, the wine tasted strongly and happily of cherry.  I have really appreciated musk in the rosé wines I've had thus far, and I still tasted that lovely, feminine musk on the finish tonight . . . but rather than a rounded, curvy, musky femininity, I got an immature and freshly-popped cherry.  This wine was pleasant enough . . . its only problem was that it was so reliant on the fruit flavors.  In the end, the wine tasted a bit like a cherry cocktail.  If I was in the mood for a fruity cocktail, I'd fix myself a Tanqueray and cranberry juice.  I guess I prefer older women.

On the plus side, this wine was balanced, slightly acidic, fruity, and smooth.  Most guests at your parties and gatherings aren't going to complain, and the price is decent enough.  I'd drink it again, but I wouldn't seek it out.

86 pts.

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